Certified Addiction and Recovery Professional Ronald Dock

Ronald Dock - Certified Addiction Professional and Recovery Coach from Ronald Dock on Vimeo.

Great coaching can help you beat your demons 

Welcome to our website.  You are here because you need help.  Congratulations for taking the first critical step in finding what you seek— defeat of your demons and a path forward.

 Stars R Sober founder Ronald “Ron” Dock helps athletes, celebrities and average Joes and Janes.  Let him help you or a loved one:

  • Overcome drug, alcohol and other addictions
  • Get on/stay on the road to recovery and a better life

 For more than thirteen years, Ron’s unique Sober Coaching method has worked with high-profile personalities.  Ron has been:

  • The expert the pros and press turn to understand chemical dependency issues

With two decades of living a sober life himself, Ron knows first-hand what you are going through.  And, as those he has helped will attest, he knows what you need, and how to give you the help you require.

Sober Coaching = TOUGH LOVE  

What is Sober Coaching? It is TOUGH LOVE.  Why?  Because no matter what you read or hear, there is no alternative for getting addicts to:

  • Recognize they need help
  • Find a coach they can trust
  • Commit to changing their behavior—every day and for good

As Ron likes to say: “There are no short cuts to sobriety…if you are not serious about helping yourself, nobody will want to waste their time trying to help you.”

How Sober Coaching works

The Sober Coaching method used by Stars R Sober is an intensive one-to-one process. A recovering addict is supported by a trained consultant who:

  • Lives with the client for a designated period
  • Helps them get clean and develop the skills required for daily living without drugs

It is “tough” because the coach is on the scene and on call 24/7.  Experience says this is the best way to get people to get off and stay off drugs—denial as well as dependency. 

 It is “tough” because when one family member is addicted everyone is impacted.  Stars R Sober eases the client and their family into the adjustments and habits needed to achieve a sober lifestyle.

Stars R Sober is for you or for someone you love if they are…

  • Losing their family and friends because of alcohol and drugs
  • In the entertainment industry and sobriety is a must for continued employment
  • A professional or college athlete using drugs to enhance performance
  • An executive whose job is at risk due to substance abuse
  • Under orders to stay sober to avoid jail

Ready when you are

Stars R Sober is ready if you are.  You took the first step by coming here.  Now take the second.  Contact us and prove to yourself that today can be the first day of the rest of your life.  You can be a star will great coaching.

We all need somebody to lean on, and you can lean on Stars R Sober.

Putting and keeping addicts on the road to recovery for over thirteen years

Ronald Dock, founder of Stars R Sober, has helped star athletes, high profile individuals and ordinary people and their families successfully overcome the demons of chemical addition. They recognized the need to have the help of a qualified professional. Today can be your first day on the road to recovery. Contact Ronald Dock.